Fangirl Icons - Volume 1

Women that should be (and for some of you probably are) on your list of Idols and possibly on your fashion look boards. Next week, we’ll show you how to make their looks yours.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

body snatchers.jpg

Dana Wynter as Becky Driscoll

Becky Driscoll is a cool character to come out of 1956. She and our protagonist Miles are both divorced and yet pretty forward with their advances towards each other throughout the film. She’s smart and extremely well put together and fashionable, rocking dress after dress and her lipstick always perfect.

becky driscoll.jpg

If you’ve never seen the original it holds up surprisingly well. Our very own Morticia Adams, Carolyn Jones, also stars.


Dark Shadows (1966-1971)


Grayson Hall as Dr. Julia Hoffman

julia hoffman.jpg

Sure Maggie Evans and the rest of the ladies on Dark Shadows are fun, but what’s more fun than a husky voiced, probably boozing, maniacal doctor? Grayson Hall was a beautiful young actress who was actually nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Night of the Iguana (1964). She’s probably best remembered however as Julia Hoffman, replayed, rather well, by Helena Bonham Carter in the 2012 remake.


The Tingler (1959)


Oh yes, that Tingler. If you can pry your eyes away from the ever impossibly perfect Vincent Price,


you might notice Patricia Cutts playing the saucy Isabel Stevens Chapin.


She wears one of the tightest, shiniest dresses this side of Marilyn and looks good doing it – despite the rampant dachshund sized parasite running around. She might be the philandering wife but she sure did class up the joint once that bug got loose.

pattricia cutts.jpg


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