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About Us

FangirlTV was started in 2011.  It was a crazy time.  Geeks were the new cool kids.  Nerdy burlesque was all the rage, with the most beautiful and popular women around expressing their love of Star Trek and Settlers of Catan.  All of a sudden, the public started to accept that someone could read comics and still be awesome....that the lady who cares about Sonic the Hedgehog also cared about fashion and fun.  Thus, FangirlTV was born....a spotlight on the unexpected geek: the fashion design student who cosplays, the rocking singer who can't get enough DuckTales, and the model who loves Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books.


FangirlTV is NOT a news aggregator.  We're not interested in posting the same press release every other geek site has republished, and we're not posting reports about what movies made how much this past weekend.  We want to carve out a unique voice, and we hope you like it.  Come along for the ride!



FangirlTV produces our own video content, including interviews, con reports, product reviews, and pop-culture news coverage.


We also produce nerdy pin-up photos!



Here at FangirlTV we have an ever growing group of writers who submit entries on evrything from the latest movies to the earliest sci-fi literature.  Each entry is loaded with photos and videos to illustrate the issues being discussed.



FangirlTV has produced our own live events, including panel discussions and nerdy burlesque.  Look for new events, coming soon!


Also, look for video clips from our events!


Have an idea for a segment?  Want to contribute a blog post?  Want to apply to be a correspondent?  Let us know!  

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